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The Student Finance website is your one-stop shop for all of your financial questions relating to your University study.

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Students who wish to access any HELP loans (HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, SA-HELP or OS-HELP) must now ensure that they provide their correct Tax File Number (TFN) to the University, and that all personal details (first, middle and last names, date of birth, addresses) provided to the University match exactly with the details recorded for them with the ATO.

If any details do not match, you will not be able to access HELP. For Commonwealth supported students, this could mean that your enrolment will be cancelled if full payment is also not received by the census date.

If you believe you may have provided the incorrect TFN to the University, you can re-enter your TFN at any time in , via the path ‘My Finances’, ‘Tax File Number’.

To check your TFN and personal details with the ATO, log in to myGov and ensure you have linked the ATO to your myGov account, or call the ATO on 13 28 61.

To check your personal details with the University:

1. For address, log in to Access Adelaide, and select from the left hand menu “Students”, “Statistics”, then scroll down to “Permanent Residential Address” and update as appropriate

2. For name, log in to Access Adelaide and check your name in the top left of the screen – to change, complete a form online with appropriate evidence.

3. For Date of birth, call Ask Adelaide on 8313 5208 - to change, complete a form online with appropriate evidence.

4. To check the TFN you have provided, call Student Finance on 8313 5880